There’s something strange about the trains. Buy a ticket to Brisbane, and it takes you to Berlin instead. Or maybe even Boston. A young student from M...View Details

A librarian in Nazi occupied Paris uses her special talents when faced with an order to burn her books. Gabrielle Riel narrates. File under: witch fan...View Details

A young woman makes her debut at Death's masquerade ball. Alex Ford narrates. Rated fantasy, YA friendly. Author Andrea Martinez Corbin is an author a...View Details

A horror story from the badlands of western Canada. Mildly NSFW. Wilson Fowlie narrates.  Author Eddie Generous is a co-author of the collection Splis...View Details

A spring powered clockpunk adventure for all ages in Vancouver's old Chinatown. Wulf Moon Narrates.  Author Holly Schofield travels through time at th...View Details

A disabled war vet takes refuge in an old book store and stumbles upon a lamentable journal. Strong content note for horror. Alasdair Stuart narrates ...View Details

A poem for May. Alex Ford narrates.  Author Gavin Bradley is an Irish writer from Belfast who works in happy obscurity in Edmonton, Alberta. His poetr...View Details

Of all the creatures of the sea, none is more deadly than the clown. Isaiah Plovnick narrates. A winning performance from the 2019 Audio Verse Awards ...View Details

A stranded hiker takes shelter at a remote highland inn. Michael Whitehouse narrates a classic creepy ghost story from the British Isles to close out ...View Details

War curfews force a traveling carnival to camp in small mining town, while the world outside changes forever. Rated R for mild suggestive language and...View Details

Modified soldiers arrive at the front. Alasdair Stuart narrates. Content note for wartime horror. Author Santiago Eximeno is a Spanish genre writer wh...View Details

You ever feel like the whole world is passing you by while you rot in that small town you the misfortune to be born in? Well, maybe it is. Wilson Fowl...View Details

Survivors of an apocalyptic war rebuild their world to a Roman Ideal, which includes being outnumbered by their genetically altered slaves. Wulf Moon ...View Details

A rural town bars itself in every night. But why won't they tell the tourists why? Vic Mullin narrates a scary story for the Halloween season.  Author...View Details

A pilot gets a strange warning on a dark and stormy night. CB Droege narrates. Author Marlin Bressi is the author of Hairy Men in Caves: True Stories ...View Details

Two sisters take in a handsome lodger. But why does he have a cage? A dark tale of mystery and romance set in Belle Epoch Russia. Maria Rose narrates....View Details

H.P. Lovecraft month concludes. There will be pie.  Wulf Moon narrates. Author Sebastien Mantle is a Canadian-born fantasy and sci-fi fanatic with a p...View Details

An archeologist excavates a meteor crater that appeared during a Civil War battle, what could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot, because HP Lovecraft mon...View Details

It's Lovecraft month, but that doesn't mean you have to put away the pretty dresses. Elizabeth Chatsworth narrates. Author Emma Whitehall is a writer,...View Details

You think your in-laws have a few skeletons in the closet? This family has an entire catacomb. CB Droege narrates.  Author Eric Cline is a writer livi...View Details

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