Tonight, it's a fabulous furry double feature, featuring animals acting like humans, humans acting like animals, and maybe, just maybe, exactly what you think it's going to be. 

Author Barbara A. Barnett is a writer, musician, orchestra librarian, Odyssey Writing Workshop alum, coffee addict, wine lover, and all-around geek. Her short fiction has appeared in publications such as Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Intergalactic Medicine Show, Shimmer, Daily Science Fiction, and Flash Fiction Online. Barbara lurks about the Philadelphia area and can be found online at

Narrator Tepic Harlequin is an urchin who lives in the city of New Babbage, he is eight, going on ancient.

Author Diego Reymondez has made an appearance in Cleaver Magazine and has a forthcoming publication in Inwood, Indiana. Recently he’s left the states and is now in Spain working as an explorer in his food forest. When the crickets come out (or the mid-afternoon heat) and planting gets difficult, he writes.   

Narrator Byron is a disembodied voice living in a genuine reproduction Ming Dynasty vase in the foyer of the Gallery. You’ll notice it on your way out, there by the door.


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