A haunted Englishman tells of a tragic adventure abroad to his very British gentleman's club. Matt Dovey narrates. File under: Weird West, Monster Horror. 

Donald J. Bingle is the author of six books and more than fifty shorter works in the horror, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, mystery, romance, comedy, and memoir genres. The Love-Haight Case Files, his mystery/horror/romance/urban fantasy novel (with Jean Rabe) won three Silver Falchions. More at www.donaldjbingle.com.

Narrator Matt Dovey is very tall, very British, and probably drinking a cup of tea right now. He has short science fiction and fantasy stories all over the place: find out more at mattdovey.com, or follow him on Twitter @mattdoveywriter.

Recipe inspiration for Osgoode's mid-century dinner exhibit were sighted on Midcentury Menu, Cracked, Autostraddle, Vocal Media, & The Joys of Jello

Full show notes at GalleryCurious.com

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