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Saturday Mar 14, 2020

It's a mother of a double feature and we guarantee it won't make you feel all warm and snuggly inside. No, not at all. Alex Ford and Maria Rose narrate. Rated Dark. Author Sheliah Lindsey was neither born nor raised under a rock, but does claim she was as an excuse for how behind she is on popular culture. She currently resides in Texas, still not under a rock despite her continued insistence to the contrary, where she divides her time unevenly between reading, writing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When narrator Alex Ford isn't rocking around the nation in her band, Ford Theatre Reunion, she's holed up in her guest room following a different passion: recording audio books and editing manuscripts. An avid reader and writer, she delights in helping people bring their creativity to life. You can check out her exploits, mystery bruises, and a most handsome cat on facebook or instagram. Author Maria Haskins is a Swedish-Canadian writer and translator. She writes speculative fiction and poetry, and currently lives just outside Vancouver with a husband, two kids, and a very large black dog.  Her work has appeared in Flash Fiction Online, Shimmer, Cast of Wonders, and elsewhere. Find out more on her website,, or follow her on Twitter, @mariahaskins. Narrator Maria Rose is a graphic designer, writer, astrologer, classicist. Sometimes saturnine, mostly eccentric. You can hear her audiobook narration work in “Messengers of the Right” from University of Press Audiobooks or at GlitterShip. Learn more at   Circus Clowns by Zev Weinstein/Pond5 Ticking clock sound effect by Kevin Frost Alchemist’s Lab by Tabletop Audio Mystic Force Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Giant Wyrm Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License   Wish you could have heard these Mom

Tuesday Feb 11, 2020

We're barhopping through history with the heppest cats in town. Jim Hodgson narrates. File under: Time Travel Author Manuel Royal, like Tristram Shandy, was born with a broken nose, followed by interminable digressions.  Although his body resides in Atlanta, Georgia, his mind can be found shuffling down the alleys and circumnavigating the roundabouts of Donnetown, an imaginary midsize city somewhere in the Carolinas. Narrator Jim Hodgson is a humorist from Atlanta, GA. He writes, produces, and acts in Bad Gladiator, a full-cast audio comedy set in ancient Rome. Music: Lobby Time by Kevin MacLeod( Theme Song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina Curiosisites #6 is out now in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Trade Paperback. Visit the store page for links to Amazon.

Wednesday Nov 20, 2019

A haunted Englishman tells of a tragic adventure abroad to his very British gentleman's club. Matt Dovey narrates. File under: Weird West, Creature Feature.  Donald J. Bingle is the author of six books and more than fifty shorter works in the horror, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, mystery, romance, comedy, and memoir genres. The Love-Haight Case Files, his mystery/horror/romance/urban fantasy novel (with Jean Rabe) won three Silver Falchions. More at Narrator Matt Dovey is very tall, very British, and probably drinking a cup of tea right now. He has short science fiction and fantasy stories all over the place: find out more at, or follow him on Twitter @mattdoveywriter. Recipe inspiration for Osgoode's mid-century dinner exhibit were sighted on Midcentury Menu, Cracked, Autostraddle, Vocal Media, & The Joys of Jello.  Full show notes at

Monday Nov 11, 2019

Even the most ancient of religions must adapt to survive. Elizabeth Chatsworth performs. File under: humor Author Yasmine Fahmy lives in Cairo, Egypt, where she spends her time hiding from the sun, her students, and the djinn to whom she sold her soul for inspiration. It never delivered on the inspiration front, you see. Her work has appeared in Daily Science Fiction and the Sockdolager. Narrator Elizabeth Chatsworth is a professional voice actor and a member of SAG-AFTRA. She prefers voice acting to on-screen work as in a voice-booth no-one can see your fuzzy bunny slippers. Her interests include cosplay, PC gaming, and writing. Find out more at

Tuesday Nov 05, 2019

A thoroughly modern girl returns from London with a new style and new friends, much to the dismay of her parents and the staff. Sarah Golding narrates. Rated R. File under: 1920s, horror Author Madeleine Swann's story collection, Fortune Box, was published by Eraserhead Press and her first novella was part of their New Bizarro Author series. Her second novella was released by Strangehouse Books.  Her delightful short stories have appeared on The Wicked Library podcast, and the anthology The New Flesh: A Tribute to David Cronenberg. Narrator Sarah Golding has created a huge range of character types for indie audio drama, and been in such wondrous podcasts as Amelia Project, Edict Zero and Hostile Worlds. She hosts MADIVA podcast and runs script writing comps with her company Quirky Voices, producing and performing new writing at podcast events.

Saturday Nov 02, 2019

A frontier doctor is befriended by a unicorn. Jim Hodgson narrates. You may need a hankie before this one is over. File under: western, fantasy Julie Frost is an award-winning author who writes every shade of speculative fiction. Her short stories appear in Monster Hunter Files, Writers of the Future, Tales of Ruma, StoryHack, and many others. Her novel series, "Pack Dynamics," is published by WordFire Press. She whines about writing, a lot, at Narrator Jim Hodgson is a humorist from Atlanta, GA. He writes, produces, and acts in Bad Gladiator, a full-cast audio comedy set in ancient Rome. Full show notes at

Saturday Oct 26, 2019

A mining town girl learns about life, larceny, and how to repair her pet: a found clockwork cat. Sarah Heiner narrates. File under: YA, steampunk, western. Author Julia K. Patt is a writer, teacher, and editor living in Maryland. Her stories have appeared in Clarkesworld, Escape Pod, and Luna Station Quarterly, among other places. Follow her on Twitter (@chidorme) or check out her website for more. Narrator Sarah Heiner, active in Second Life under the pseudonym of Bookworm, assisted in the editing of two of the three 'Tales from New Babbage' volumes, and has stories published in all three.  She lives in the fly-over land of Minnesota, with more books than she knows what to do with. Full show notes at

Friday Oct 25, 2019

It's almost time to change the clocks, so let's have a seasonably dark tale of unruly children and clockwinders from colonial Quebec. Wilson Fowlie narrates.  Rated creepy clockpunk. Author Kate Heartfield is the author of the historical fantasy novel Armed in Her Fashion and the two Alice Payne time travel novellas. She also writes interactive fiction, including The Road to Canterbury, published by Choice of Games. Her fiction has been shortlisted for the Nebula, Locus, Aurora, Sunburst and Crawford awards; "The Seven O'Clock Man" was longlisted for the Sunburst award. A former journalist, Kate lives in Ottawa, Canada. Her website is and she is on Twitter @kateheartfield. Narrator Wilson Fowlie has been reading stories out loud since the age of 4, and credits his parents for any talent he has for it. He's been narrating for podcasts since he answered a call for readers for PodCastle in 2008. He has narrated dozens of stories for many podcasts, including all of the Escape Artists shows. Wilson fits all this narrating between his day job as a web developer in Vancouver, Canada, and directing a community show chorus called The Maple Leaf Singers. Full show notes at

Friday Oct 18, 2019

There’s something strange about the trains. Buy a ticket to Brisbane, and it takes you to Berlin instead. Or maybe even Boston. A young student from MIT sets out to decode the mystery. Wulf Moon narrates. Rated Weird Steampunk. Author David M. Hoenig is an academic surgeon who lives to write, instead of writing to live. His wife believes that he rather than his stories belongs in a gallery of Curiosities.  He has published with Grim Dark Magazine, Flame Tree Publishing, Cast of Wonders, and others.  He has published a book of weird poetry and surreal art called Queen to His King with Oscillate Wildly.  His first novel (Sci fi space opera) is in the editing phase. As a teen, narrator Wulf Moon won Scholastic Writing Awards--the same contest that discovered Stephen King, Truman Capote, Joyce Carol Oates and many iconic names of the 20th Century. He won Star Trek: Strange New Worlds; and recently won the international talent search Writers of the Future. Moon is podcast director at Future Science Fiction Digest. Soundscapes by and Theme song by Deus Ex Vapore Machina

Tuesday Oct 15, 2019

A librarian in Nazi occupied Paris uses her special talents when faced with an order to burn her books. Gabrielle Riel narrates. File under: witch fantasy, WW2 Author JD Blackrose loves all things storytelling and celebrates great writing by posting about it on her website, She has published The Soul Wars series and the Monster Hunter Mom series, both through Falstaff Books, as well as numerous short stories. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Narrator Gabrielle Riel is the General Director of Radio Riel (, an Internet radio station with seven audio streams that has been bringing music and audio dramas to audiophiles, bibliophiles, history-lovers, Jazz babies, Classical music enthusiasts, Steampunks and other assorted geeks since June 2007. You can hear the many ways in which the Nightingale sings at . Music: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina Metaphysik by Kevin MacLeod ( Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet by Kevin MacLeod (


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