Ep. 56 - The Long Afternoon of Sir Rupert Moncrief by Gareth D Jones

March 11, 2018

The early trials and tribulations of an amateur time traveler.  Vic Mullin narrates.

Gareth D Jones' website: http://www.garethdjones.co.uk/

Vic Mullin's website: http://www.vapingwithvic.co.uk/

Theme Music: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina

Osgoode's Chorus: Deadly Roulette by Kevin MacLeod/incompetech.com

Story Music: Court of the Queen by Kevin MacLeod/incompetech.com

Falling Angel by Craig Austin/freefx.co.uk

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Ep. 55 - Tyrannosaurus Tex by Davide Mana

February 28, 2018

Pop up that corn, it's time for cowboys and dinosaurs. Steve Sutherland narrates. 

Trained as a paleontologist and geologist, author Davide Mana is currently paying his bills as a fiction writer, game designer, and translator - activities well-suited to an insomniac like him. Based in the wild hills of southern Piedmont, Italy, he is the only teetotaller in a village renowned for its wine production. When not writing, Davide cooks, takes photographs and writes on his blog, Karavansara (http://karavansara.live).

Narrator Steve Sutherland is currently working as a retail manager.  He has acted in stage plays from grade school through college, and has been an avid cosplayer and sci-fi convention goer for decades. His current project in the works is a steampunk animated story.


Long Note Two by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

Il Bandito by Ivia/Pond5

Dark Western Spaghetti by Hummingbird/Pond5

Old Western Saloon Ragtime Theme by SeaportSound/Pond5

Epic Spaghetti Western Loop by MatthewCried/Pond5

Osgoode's Chorus: Deadly Roulette by Kevin MacLeod

Theme Song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina


Ep. 54 - Honeyed Tongue by Deborah L. Davitt & Seeded by Susan Taitel

February 12, 2018

I almost called this one "Tainted Love Double Feature." Do enjoy.

Author Deborah L. Davitt was raised in Reno, Nevada, but received her MA in English from Penn State. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and son.  She’s known for her Edda-Earth novels, Rhysling-nominated poetry, and increasing number of short-story publications. For more about her work, please see www.edda-earth.com.

Narrator Richard Elen is a recording engineer, writer, and designer based in Cambridge, England. He is Technical Director of internet radio station Radio Riel, and co-host/editor of Designing Worlds, a weekly online TV show about design and designers in virtual environments. He also creates marketing materials for clients in the consumer and professional audio fields.


Author Susan Taitel grew up in Chicago. She now lives in Minnesota. She has not yet resigned herself to the winters but has been known to say "oh yeah, you betcha" unironically. Susan is a Viable Paradise graduate and has been published by McSweeneys.net. She blogs at the imaginatively named susantaitel.com.

Narrator Gabrielle Riel is the General Director of Radio Riel (http://radioriel.org), an Internet radio station with seven audio streams that has been bringing music and audio dramas to audiophiles, bibliophiles, history-lovers, Jazz babies, Classical music enthusiasts, Steampunks and other assorted geeks since June 2007. You can hear the many ways in which the Nightingale sings at https://www.mixcloud.com/gabrielleriel/ .

Theme song - Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina and is used by permission

Osgoode’s Chorus - Deadly Roulette by Kevin Macleod (Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution) incompetech.com

Simulation of Victorian Street 3 by Timbre/FreeSound.org Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Noncommercial

Egmont Overture (Beethoven) by Kevin MacLeod (Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution)

Beehive sounds by sound-idea/http://www.freesfx.co.uk (Attribution)

Music for Manatees by Kevin Macleod (Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution)


Ep. 53 - Dear George, Love Margaret by Amanda C. Davis

February 6, 2018

A story of love and invention told in a series of letters from a young wife whose husband has gone West. 

Author Amanda C. Davis has an engineering degree and a fondness for baking, gardening, and low-budget horror films. Her work has appeared in Pseudopod, Cemetery Dance, Year's Best Weird Fiction, and others. She tweets enthusiastically as @davisac1. You can find out more about her and read more of her work at http://www.amandacdavis.com.

Narrator Mimielle Marek Montoya can be convinced to read aloud sometimes if given tasty snacks & bevs, but her blurb writing skills could use work. Currently training out the pseudo-valley-girl accent, but no promises regarding the future vocal fry. Her ancestors are very much Texans, these things can't be helped.


Remedy for Melancholy by Kai Engel

The Spirit of Russian Love (violin) by Zinaida Trokai performed by Kosta T

Sonatina, Air Prelude by Kevin MacLeod


Ep. 52 - The Titan’s Daughter by Evan Dicken & Shannon Rampe

January 9, 2018

A bayou girl is summoned to repair her father's weather control device. Ella Turenne narrates.

By day, Evan Dicken decodes antique maps and analyzes all manner of data for strange and, dare I say it, eerie medical experiments at: "The" Ohio State University. By night, he does neither of these things. His audio fiction has most recently appeared in Pseudopod, Escape Pod, and The Overcast, and he has stories forthcoming from podcasts such as Cast of Wonders and Starship Sofa.

Shannon Rampe lives in Alexandria, Virginia, where he practices an obscure and utterly intoxicated form of martial arts known as drunken yoga. Shannon has attended the Viable Paradise and Taos Toolbox writing workshops and is a semi-finalist for the Writers of the Future award. His poetry has appeared in Abyss and Apex.

Narrator Ella Turenne is an artist and entrepreneur. As a voice actor she has worked on projects for Talking Book Productions and Creative Media Design. Ella’s first solo play, Love, Locs & Liberation, was selected for the Downtown Urban Arts Festival, the United Solo Festival and the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival. For more information, visit www.ellaturenne.com.

Music: Heavy Heart, Fantastic Dim Bar, Darkening Developments, Steel and Seething by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Theme song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina.

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Ep. 51 - A Man Named Time by Fredrick Obermeyer

December 30, 2017

A strange story of time and redemption to close out the year. Wilson Fowlie narrates. 

Author Fredrick Obermeyer lives in Cooperstown, NY.  He enjoys writing science-fiction, fantasy, horror and crime stories.  He has had stories published in NFG, Electric Spec, Newmyths, Perihelion SF, Acidic Fiction, Manor House, the Destination: Future anthology, and other markets.  In addition, he is a member of the Critters Writers Workshop.

Narrator Wilson Fowlie has been reading stories out loud since the age of 4, and credits his parents for any talent he has for it. He's been narrating for podcasts since he answered a call for readers for PodCastle in 2008. He’s narrated dozens of stories for many podcasts, including all of the Escape Artists shows. Wilson fits all this narrating between his day job as a web developer in Vancouver, Canada, and directing a community show chorus called The Maple Leaf Singers.

Music: Thunder Dreams by Kevin MacLeod

Theme Song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina

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2017 Christmas Broadcast from New Babbage

December 26, 2017

By old tradition, we warm up the aetheroscope and search for the band which is broadcasting from that hidden city-state, New Babbage. Terrible storms in the in-between spaces delayed us locating it until today.

An Unusual Christmas Gift written and performed by Tepic Harlequin.

Melody, Carol of the Bells arranged and performed by LaTosha Hall

Simple Sadness, Secret Garden, Christmas Theme 2, by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

The Curtain Rises, Wish Background by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 

Horror Opening Credits - Written and Performed by Brett Van Donsel


Christmas Eve Extra - All Through The House by Joachim Heindermans

December 24, 2017

A Christmas Eve Special to help the little ones go to bed. Osgoode and Kevin narrate.

Author Joachim Heijndermans is a writer and artist from the Netherlands. His work has been featured with such publications as Gathering Storm Magazine, Mad Scientist Journal, Kraxon Magazine, Asymmetry Fiction and Metaphorosis. He likes to read, paint, travel, collect rare toys and bore people with random trivia. You can follow him @jheijndermans on twitter.

Music: We Wish You, Sugar Plum Dark Mix, Hall of the Mountain King by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).

Osgoode - Kris Law

Kevin - Kevin Frost

Thank you for another year. It's been a rough one.


Ep. 48 - There Was A Nicholas Once by Alexis Lantgen

December 20, 2017

A witch-child recounts the Russian Revolution and the abuse and hunger her family endured. May trigger sexual and domestic violence survivors. 

Author Alexis Lantgen is a writer, 6th grade science teacher, and classical musician. Her stories have appeared in Phantaxis, Red Sun Magazine, and the Gallery of Curiosities, and she's written nonfiction for Renaissance Magazine. Alexis blogs at thewiseserpent.blogspot.com, and tweets @TheWiseSerpent. She lives with her husband, her four year old daughter, and their very patient cats in Carrollton, Texas.

Narrator Maria Rose is a graphic designer, writer, astrologer, classicist. Sometimes saturnine, mostly eccentric. She tends noisy society finches and remains unimpressed by cutesy bios containing mundane details about pets. Including her own. She's narrating her current project through ACX, "Messengers of the Right" forthcoming from University of Press Audiobooks.

Story music: Cinematic Soundscapes by Phil Michalski and Almost in F by Kevin MacLeod

Theme song: Ashes Ashes by Deus Ex Vapore Machina.


Ep.47- Invisible Men by Edward McDermott

December 8, 2017

A librarian is plagued with a pest of a customer. Benjamin Sperduto narrates. 

Author Edward McDermott, born in Toronto, has a professional day job but spends his spare time pursuing a writing career. Aside from taking writing courses and participating in writers' groups, Edward takes time for sailing, fencing, and working as a movie extra.

His web page is http://edwardmcdermott.net/

Narrator Benjamin Sperduto is a history teacher in Tampa, Florida. His short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies, including Coven (Purple Sun Press), Bad Neighborhood (Spooky Words Press), and Dystopian Express (Hydra Publications). His first novel, The Walls of Dalgorod, is available from Curiosity Quills Press. For a full list of publications and fiction updates, visit www.benjaminsperduto.com or follow him on Twitter (@bensperduto).

Music: Investigations, Mysterioso March by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Osgoode's chorus: Novelle Noel by Kevin MacLeod

Theme song: Ashes Ashes by DEVM